MIHRA Scientific Working Groups (SWGs)

MIHRA Calcinosis SWG

The MIHRA Calcinosis SWG focuses on establishing severity criteria upon which to base future research efforts in relation to predictive biomarkers, understanding etiology as well as mitigating and worsening factors, imaging and patient experience.


The MIHRA Cardiac SWG focuses on the most critical research needs in understanding myositis-related cardiac involvement. Current focuses are epidemiological, imaging and patient experience.

MIHRA Exercise & Rehabilitation SWG

The MIHRA Exercise & Rehabilitation SWG focuses on defining the dose of targeted exercise as medicine that optimally reconditions injured muscle in myositis. This group is issuing guidelines on clinical trial design of exercise in all myositis diseases, as well as guidelines that establish safety and efficacy of exercise in each myositis disease. A critical aspect of all layers of this groups’ research is patient experience.

MIHRA Large Language Model (LLM) SWG

MIHRA Mitochondria SWG

MIHRA Overlap Myositis SWG

MIHRA Respiratory SWG

MIHRA Psychological Impact & Well-Being SWG