MIHRA IIM Specialty Clinics

People living with myositis-related disorders and their loved ones will be able to locate myositis specialty clinics and centers that is convenient for them or in a city they can easily get to. Myositis Specialty Centers commonly share care with local clinicians (general dermatologists, rheumatologists, neurologists, pulmonologists, etc.) – and together work as a team to provide clinical excellence.

Please contact a MIHRA representative to request Specialty Center applications for your clinic

Many thanks to Drs. Jessica Day, Myma Albayda and Pari Basharat for coordinating this effort.

North America

United States


New Orleans

New Orleans Scleroderma & Sarcoidosis Patient Care & Research Center


Louisiana State University – Shreveport



Johns Hopkins Myositis Center for Adults

Johns Hopkins Pediatric Myositis Program